if any1 doesnt mind traveling to Garden City, LI, NY i know of a bookstore that has a discount shelf for books that only slightlyt out of date - i bought iBook, Web Dev for Lotus Notes R5, Web Dev for Oracle 8i, Dreamweaver 4 & Dreamweaver 4 w/Fireworks 4 Studio books 4 $27 2day - if any1 wants the loc i'll post it, or im it.

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Sounds good. Another good place to go, where I usually go to buy books is to Microcenter. Every book is 15% off automatically, new or old. There's also a special section, 3 shelves front and back, of books up to 95% percent off. I've bought several good books from that section that have been $60 retail price for $5. From time to time they put up good books that are definitely worth buying.


Microcenter really sucks for software (never a good selection and everything they do have it always out of date) - but they're great for books and also for certain hardware. So far I've bought my printer, monitor, and even laptop from them.

As for Linux software - they're fantastic!! I got a bunch of Linux games from them for $2-4 each. When I went online to look them up, anywhere I went online sold them for $20-$30!

Yeah, but I don't even look at their software, or any store for that matter. Everything is expensive and it's better to get them at a place that's academic affiliated. Hardware, their prices are ok.

From what I've found, Microcenter is the cheapest for hardware (out of Best Buy, CompUSA, etc.) Their prices are usually comparable to what you can get the stuff for on the 'net.

LOL! well, i guess my "SCOOP!!!" wasnt so much of a scoop after all!!! i was, after all, referring to Microcenter..... :P

if any1 doesnt mind traveling to Garden City, LI, NY

:D Microcenter is in Westbury ;D

ok, just shot me now! :-X

hahaha sorry aeinstein - but I clicked on inscissor's link and saw it said Westbury and it was just too easy ;)

I've seen books going for pretty low prices on CollegeBookService.com They show up a lot when I search on froogle.

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