On a windows network ubuntu 8.04 is great it sees and works every file I want on XP machines. vice versa is impossible. firewalls down, same user name and same password (linux VNC cant connect, it starts and then the XP seems to refuse on port 5900 etc)
All I want to do it to get th XP to see the linux files and be able to trnsfer them. Linux can use the XP printers too! It seems to me there is something blocking eithr on the output of XP or on the input to the Linux.

I am fairly experienced but do not want to have to do a lot of command line work....
any suggestions as it seems to me after 30 years in the trade Linux is going to cause increasing worries to MS ( and I do support that! no not MS but linux!!) but only if configurations like network usage are simple for everyone to use.
Thanhks for the space

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look into setting up samba
if you want a GUI - install SWAT or WEBMIN

When I was in my Global 9. We used linux, I really had a hard time using it. I prefer XP instead of linux.

I like Linux and don't like xp so I don't use xp.

I am starting to like Linux more, just I hate the fact that most games are windows based, which makes me go back to xp more and more. I have gotten WOW to play alittle bit on ubuntu but it still crashes here and there and it wouldn't be good to go in anything that uses alot of processing power, your system would crash from it. So until game vendors start including most game applications in Linux based languages, I will still be messing around with Windows and its environment.

When ever I have tried to see linux files with a windows machine, the windows machine has been blind... The reason for me was that windows systems don't see the file system "ext3", but Linux machines can see NTFS. You may be more versed in linux than me, but that is what came to mind so I said it. I hope I've helped :)



You could use ext2ifs. I use it at home and it works just fine. I'm able to not only see files on my ext3 partitions but edit and write to them as well. Each partition will show up as an individual drive in My Computer.

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