Hi. My I've just joined your community, hoping that it might give me some ideas for the future.

I'm 29, currently working in science in Germany, doing some programming though (fortran) as part of that. I hold a PhD in theoretical astrophysics. But I've been thinking I'd like to make a change, maybe into programming or a related field, probably in about two years time when I'll be out of contract. I've been doing a course on Java in my spare time to give me some more 'transferable' programming skills. But I have very little idea of the way things work in the programming industry so I'm really hoping to learn about that here and get some ideas about preparing myself for the future.


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Welcome to DaniWeb. Theoretical astrophysics--WOW! That's enough to blow away any practical programmer. But seriously--you'll find DaniWeb to be a site that can give you just about anything you're looking for in the computer world. Here you'll find really top quality down to earth nice people, always willing to share and to help.

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