Let's list pros and cons of each, comparing one to the other in the process. What do you like about VB6 over VB.NET, and vice versa? What do you find easy to do in one, that you have trouble with in the other?

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VB6 is end of life, period.
It should never have been invented, and should never be used.

VB.NET is a nice way for kids to get started with real programming who previously got suckered into thinking VB6 was programming.
They'll at least have a partially familiar syntax.

Neither is a language to use for serious work if you know any other.


I don't know much since I only used to programming in VB6 and have never really tried to learn more about VB.NET.

  • I think VB.NET is now cross-platform: Mono Project
  • New features has been added such as: += -= *= \= ++ -- and function overload.
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