Hello guys
I have been facing a problem with my internet explorer lately.Every time i close any internet explorer window , i get a message saying internet explorer has encountered an error . It also says if send or dont send the error report.But even after sending the error report the problem has not been rectified.Somebody pls help me.
Microsoft Window 98
Second Addition
239.0 MB RAM
Genuinelntl Processor

Problem Occurs very time i close any microsost internet window and i dont know wat i have done to get this problem :cry:

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Sending the error report won't rectify anything. Eventually, Microsoft may create a fix for it and put it in an update.

What exactly does the error say?

Sending the error report won't rectify anything. Eventually, Microsoft may create a fix for it and put it in an update.

What exactly does the error say?

Hey, I have the same problem!! Everytime I close it IE, that damn error pops up! In event Viewer I notice there are 2 error creating each crash. They are labeled as:

"Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 6.0.2900.2180, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x01d7217d."

And the second:

"Fault bucket 131829237."

I would be gratefull of any help!! Thanks!!!!

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did you try repairing the iexplore?

of not follow these...
start-->settings-->control panel-->add/remove programs..

from the list select internet explorer and click on remove and select repair..

quoted from a Microsoft Support page:

"...If you are running Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition (Me)...The only resolution currently available is to upgrade your operating system...."

Im sure by now they have fixed the issue my friend!!

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I wouldnt trust MS to say the only way is to UPGRADE.. Of course they are gonna say that,they want you on the latest garbage where they have full control over you......

I have experienced this problem with IE7 using multi tabs, the easiest solution is to manually close all the mutiple tabs except the first home page (which you cannot close) then shut down IE in normal way.

Welcome to the site my friend!

Thanx for your input :)

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