I`m a local network admin and I want to have my clients hardware`s information.
I want to get these informatin on my server remotely.
I`ve found EVEREST but I think I should install it on all clients PCs first(Am I right?),and I can`t do that I can only install the software on the server.

If I understand this correctly, your "client's PC's" are on a network you manage but for whatever reason, you can't install software to pull their hardware from their PCs. If I'm correct, I would say PSTools is your best option. As a Network Administrator, I, like everyone else, will have my own opinion of what is the best tool but as a CLI junkie, I can't live without PSTools. One of the tools is called psinfo and you can run it right from your own PC or the server or however you like. Just install PSTools into a folder, open your command line, navigate to the folder and use the list of tools to see anything from who is logged on, system information, kill processes, close files and even Telnet into a PC without the user having any knowledge you're even there. Here is a sample of how to pull info from one PC called "laptop1".
Let's assume you've already opened your DOS prompt and navigated to your PSTools folder. We want to pull all the software and hardware specs from laptop1 so we enter the following:
psinfo -s -d \\laptop1
hit Enter
You'll see all the computer info echo out. If this looks like something you may like to keep, just put >>laptop1.txt at the end of the command and it will output that info to a text file for you. What's more, instead of putting \\laptop1, you can instead put \\* with >>domainPCs.txt at the end and it will output all the info from all PCs on your domain into a single text file for you. Other switches are available to get more detailed but this should get you on the right path. I Hope this does the trick for you. If you are looking for a good GUI based monitor instead, you may want to try SpiceWorks. It's opensource so the price is right as well as being browser-based but configuration can be detailed. Happy Networking!

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