Hey, guys. My name is Andrew Hucks, and I'm 15.

Here's an "About Me"-type deal from another forum that I'm active on. (RuneScape Community [The forums for Zybez, which is a RuneScape fansite. And who said Java-based games can't be fun?) Anyways, while you read this, I'll throw in that I have been known to use sarcasm a wee bit (very wee).

My name is Andrew, and I'm 15 years old. I was forced to move from the bustling city of Atlanta, GA to the ho-hum city of Greenviille, SC in the late summer of 2007. I am a pretty ordinary teenager-I'm athletic, even though I don't play any sports. I cycle every morning, and I usually run every other day to keep in shape. I am in the 10th grade in a private school, which has about 500 students in 9th-12th grades. My favorite class is History, and my least favorite class is Computing. (A synonym for computing could be "Basic Computer Hints and Tips", so it's pretty much just a waste of time.)

Pertaining to computer, I am a novice {as in Novice-Intermediate-Expert} web developer. I'm fairly capable in design, and I know xHtml, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. It's fun to use what I learn and to be able to recognize something on a website and think, "Wow, I know how they did that!" (Although, the thought is usually, "How in the hell did they get that to work?!")

Copy-and-paste from this thread.

Name: Andrew
Nickname: Andy, Drew, Master of All Matter.
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 121
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: SC
Age: 15
Hobbies: Track, Computers (I hope I say this right-Mostly software, I'm not great at the hardware aspect of computers. Although, I did build my own computer about a year ago. ), Friends (I spend a good bit of time on campus (I go to a "Pre-College Preparatory Academy" which is just a fancy name for a private school on the same campus as the college, but in it's own separate "world".), hanging out at Frodo's (Pizza Place), and Frankie's (Fun Park. Go-Karts, Putt-Putt, Laser Tag, and secluded area's. (For discussing politics, of course! Not that gosh-darned hoodlum' stuff.)

Relationship Status: Like everyone, but there isn't anyone that I Like-Like. (To bring you oldies back to school house days.)

Fav Music: Anything that falls into the "Rock" genre. I don't like saying that I listen to rock, because I don't always listen to anything exclusively. (Varies from AC-DC to Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Linkin Park to Buck Cherry)

Education: Graduated from O.B. Gates Elementary School, with a degree in Adolescence. Went on to Riverwatch Middle School, graduated with a degree in Pre-Teen. Currently enrolled in [s]Bo[/s] a high-school. (Don't worry about commenting about the names of the schools, I've since moved. x3)

Work: Semi-Professional Mower of Lawns. (I can't get a job anywhere, damned Laws!)
Favorite Food: Chinese (Americanized?), Cheese Burgers, French Fries...etc.

I'd go on, but I need to do my chores. Ok, stop laughing. Seriously.

Anyways, I think I kind of over-killed the Introduction topic. Sorry.