Hi all,

This is my first post and I hope it isnt too much of a hassle to answer. I have recently been put in charge of archiving and categorizing our old development projects. We have completed many state projects as well as private sector projects. Unfortunately, there is no single repository available to look back at resources/revenue/technologies used/etc. Eah project manager typically keeps track of their individual projects. With turnover and age of project, this becomes a nightmare. I was wondering if anyone here has created a program or database regarding these issues. It would be great for me to get some starting fields and types. I would like to have a database or application that can have data input easily by project managers at the completion of their projects from here on out. My big pain is that I must now go over 10 years of past projects (mainly in paper form). Right now, I am absolutely clueless as to where to start. If you guys have ANY suggestions or resources, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Not sure if you are wanting open source or not.

Microsoft Office Project actually does a pretty good job of this.