I upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 last week and couldn't access hotmail or facebook - the facebook site tells me I have an incompatible browser and hotmail keeps telling me to upgrade my browser.

I have uninstalled IE8 and still get the same problems: so I tried upgrading to the 'better' IE7 and still cannot access hotmail and facebook and get the same error messages. I have tried the troubleshooting methods, which included system restore point and am not at the point of tearing my hair out.

Can anybody please advise?



I am on windows xp.

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did you ever get an answer. I have the same problem

Why did you put IE8 on , Its terrible

Thats why you are told that it is beta software and that you use it at your own risk. Never use beta software on a production system in case this happens.

For websites where you get the error, just use firefox. That would be the easiest fix imo

Firefox will provide you better access and your system would also be save from viruses.

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