I just invested in one of the shiny new Logitech Quickcam Sphere's (Orbit in USA). And as lovely as it looks and the CCD itself performs. The mechanics of the little critter are up the wall to be blunt.
Now the Panning function works well, it goes left to right with ease and considerable haste when needed. But i have huge problems getting it to tilt (up, down). I have had it to pieces time and time again and each time it manages but a few degrees of movement before locking up and then wont budge an inch.
The innards are like this. A thin plastic ribon delivers the power and commands, and also the data down the stick to the base, this connects into the main PCB within the orb upon which is mounted the CCD, chips etc and the tilt assembly. The tilt assembly consists of a number of cogs/sprockets or whatever leading to a small motor with a screw in its rotor.
All good and well untill you try making it work. I have oiled the screw sparingly with the smallest amounts of non-abrasive plastic-friendly oil.
Now I can see no obviously faulty or damaged components inside, infact its a damn work of art to behold. But i'll be jiggered if it'll work properly!
I have read up on these things and it seems that 1 in 3 have this problem (approx.) ever since they started producing products in china as it happens. But im not for giving up on this thing yet. It has to be down to some slip of quality control that let a rough or ragged bit of plastic through the system. It must be a simple bit of plastic flash thats catching on something.

This is too expensive to give up on and my girlfriend doesnt appreciate talking to my chin all the time, no matter how attractive it might be. :)

Any help with this frustrating little obilisk would be GREATLY appreciated !

Hi.. I'm having exactly the same problem with this thing; i've not been as brave so haven't ripped it apart as it's pretty new. I can't seem to find any info on Logitecs site, nor can i find anywhere to ask Logitec support :confused:

I've found the solution to this problem, it seems to be a manufacturing defect that is easily resolved. I will also be notifying Logitech of the problem, which they may have already fixed in the newer releases of the camera.

1) Take the 4 screws off the top orb (round black head, yes there are 4 screws)
2) Take off the front clear lens & underneath silver lens cover.
3) Take off half of the black plastic casing (the part that isn't attached to the Motor assembly). It should slide off to the side or come off fairly easily.
4) Look for a 1/4" piece of black foam, on the PCB board towards the side you just took off in Step 3. Remove that piece of sticky black foam, it's the culprit. Toss it.
5) Put it all back together :)

It seems a small 1/4" piece of black foam, if not stuck on properly during manufacturing causes the tilt mechanism to stick to the side casing, preventing all or some movement of the tilt function. Removing it will not affect the operation of the camera.

OOOOoooooowwwww..... I hope that's it :D
This thing has been doing my head in!

It'll teach me to throw the packet and reciept away in future though. I'll post if it works and if it doesn't ;)

Nope... Didn't do it :(


This is what i found:

The worm gear that moves the camera up and down isn't finished very well, the last turn (furthest from the motor) catches on the cog it turns, so very very delicately remove some of the last turn and smooth it so it doesn't catch worse and hey what do u know!!! It works!!! :D

I know its a super-old but I'm the same problem with my Orbit. Phoenix9999, if you're still around, could you describe what you did in a little more detail or even post some pics?


If you had clicked on the profile, you would have read "Last Activity: 12th Jul 2006"

Sorry, new here didnt know you could do that.

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