I have a project where I find myself with the need of a variable spellcheck library.

I'll have blocks of text from which I must find any instance of potentially over a hundred words. I'll have alternate spellings (words) for these words and I'd like to make this process similar to a spellcheck.

I don't want to alter Word's dictionary because I still need it. But I'd be willing to install another dedicated word processor to do the same.

Does anyone have any advice for accomplishing this?


Check out Ispell. There are other tools for this but it's the first that came to mind.

Essentially you install it and it will automatically use spell-check in any text-field you're working in, whether it's a browser, IM, or office program. You can change the dictionary as you please to suite your needs.

PS: I believe you can maintain multiple dictionaries in office and simply switch back and forth, you might consider setting up a second "non default" dictionary and just enabling it when you need to do this task.