1940. Welcome to this game Flagstar. Welcome back Momerath

Hi flagstar just curious are you a student? 1932

Before... yes. Now got a job...


btw, are you a student? sorry asking back...


1926. Yup you are right Flagstar. I am student and currently in high school Hi wenbenet. Have anyone seen Kraai lately.

1928, I got message from Kraai, he is busy in his work so he will join us after some days.

1926. Ok, thanks for the information wenbnet. Hope he come back soon.

This game would not be fun if the numbers of players are less. Want to play the speed game now? My macbook was repaired. I repair myself by resetting the System Management Conroller and now i can use it per normal. Just hope the problem won't come back anymore.


1922. Just curious Flagstar are you male or female not wanting to be rude. Because your Avatar and profile picture shows a femala character.


I'm a male. Just like to set my avatar/pic with female moe character...

1920. Oh, i see.

1916. See you flagstar


Sorry for the late reply. I though you left flagstar that is why i bid you farewell but since you are here let's stay a little longer. i was busy in the PC hardware forum just now so i can't reply you till now. Hope you understand



nvm.. I'm not always here on the monitor anyway so i may not here at some time... thanks for concerning

1910. Hi wenbent