452. Welcome back wenbnet. Where have you been all this while?

454. ya slightly hectic days was there so can't came.

452. Ok i see, anyway its good to have you bad. Last post for the day, wenbnet.


438. Great guys! We're making progress! ;)


keep it count. my last post for posting games this week... good luck

432. Team B have 4 players while Team A only have 2. Seems like we are bullying them:)

432. Kraai have been busy with work lately, let's hope that he will return one day. I miss him

430 Seems to be you're lone here, wenbnet! :D

430. I feel like helping Team A, any objections?

428. Ops! Seems to be you're not alone wenbnet :icon_mrgreen:

426. team B will win this eventually