Ive been using Access 2003 to build various databases on. These databaces however are effectively full products for certain functions. Eg of what I mean: I am busy building a database for a panelbeater. The system is able to capture client details, capture quotations, create invoices, control appoiontments, control processes of the bussiness and print reports of the above/invoices/quotes etc. Basically it is the 1 database/program that controls the entire company.

My question lises here. This system is built through Access 2003 and VB6.0, and can only open through Access. Are there any limitations in the legal sence and also my perspective of the "software"

I consider the system as a "software" app because of the way it has been designed, looks and functions. But is it really? Or is it the same thing as a database of telephone numbers?

Also I have sold and plan to sell the software commercially. If the buyer has an original copy of Access on their computer, or i supply them with one, is it illegal/in violation of any conditions of Microsoft/Access for me to sell the product i have developed?

And another question, my last: Can I develop the system in Access or a simullar app and then break away from the platform? (For eg compliling a Turbo Pascal 7 program into an .exe that would run independantly of TP7) And how/where can i do/buy/download it?


Your assistance will be appreciated.



Access is like any other IDE, it is a group of tools that are used to create an application and as long as you are using a licensed version of access you are safe. You don't even hold the responsibilty for what your customer uses. At the end you are selling an application called xxx.mdb and not MSACCESS.EXE . As for calling it an application yes of course you can. I used to work in a hospital where all their information system interface is developed in access (with SQLServer 2000 database). And it was used by over 300 users and it is one of the most professional applications I have ever seen in my life (despite of some problems resulted from high number of users). As a summery your are on the safe side even though I advise you staring to look for more developed tools like .net and sqlserver as you are already being able to get in the market.
For the second part of question and if I understand you no you can't convert an mdb file to .exe you can create an mde file with a start form and hide database window and that is all. Or you can create your interface in any language and compiling it while keeping the access file just as a database.

I hope I was able to help.

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