hey everyone ,
I am rahul . currently pursuing my engineering in Computer Science .
Well i dont pretend to be an expert , but do know c/c++ Programming till certain extend . curretly i am elevating my standard in c/c++ and at the same time learning JAVA .
Well my hobbies are to
hang out in coffee shops .
bore my sister
learn same word in different languages
Listen to all kinds of music
last but not the least
i love to program and mainly design algorithms

so thats all from me.

signing off

Welcome Rahul! Allow me to add to your collection of "hellos" by giving you שלום (Shalom) in Hebrew. If you learn that one, you also know how to say "good-bye" in Hebrew, because we use the same word for both. The original meaning of the word is "Peace"--so we greet wishing peace and depart wishing peace. Ironic that we can't seem to program for it.

Well certainly i will remember that . thanks for mentioning it