Hi. I need to get a new PC. Mine is 5 years old and starting to show it's age - I can't play any good games. :-) So, I need a computer to play games (Civilization IV, fantasy RPG's, etc...) and just for regular home use. Checking email, writing letters, budgets, Quicken, etc... I don't need a super powerful machine - I don't play shooters or ever play online. I do love LOTR style fantasy games, so maybe those do need a lot of power. Can I get the kind of machine I am looking for for under $1000? Can anyone give me some suggestions for a brand? I won't be building my own machine - I am not very good at that stuff. I need one that I can sort of plug and play with.

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If you have ever played with legoes, you can build a machine; if you have a son, its kind of like a bonding experience(so mabe I'm exagerating) but neweggs IS having a sale, so you might want to consider it; besides, what can possibly go wrong?


Hey! check out this build-it-yourself kit. Those 3 glowing blue cases are built from the Lubik kit - I have seen an airplane and many really weird sculptures built from these kits. You have to have the plans worked out in complete detail before you start.

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If you get a notebook, don't get an HP, it has a lousy keyboard, get a Toshiba, Sony or Acer. Also, looks like the little Acer notbook comes with Widows XP rather than the frustrating Vista.


Do not buy a laptop to play games - the graphics just are not able to keep up with gaming demands. There is not enough cooling and you can't upgrade the graphics card.

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