I was told and I read that in gmail i'd be recieving ads along with email. I've recieved nearly 50 emails and not once have I seen any ad! Can you guys see the ads? ;)

The ads are usually in the right column next to where you view your email.

That's where they are for me anyway.

Mine too there nothing much if your missing them it just does a search on a couple words and displays on the right.

One thing I've noticed with the ads is that sometimes there displayed with the e-mails in the right column next to the e-mail and sometimes there not displayed at all for me, but I'm not complaining.

i have almost a 100 gmail invites...what the heck am i supposed to do with that many.......

me though..i just use the POP3 mail feature of gmail now so that i dont even have to go online, it makes getting my mail alot easier, because i have like 4 email accounts and use them all from Outlook Express.

hoard those invites, prevent gmail from stealing even more peoples' lifes by profiling them completely (which is what Google does, everything you write or receive is used to build up marketing profiles (for now...) of you and the other party (who doesn't even have to be a gmail subscriber and therefore doesn't even have to have given permission to be so profiled).

I for one have completely blocked gmail. Anything sent to me from the domain is bounced immediately.
I've also blocked any and all google cookies for the same reason. Google builds profiles based on those even when not using their websites (as they track the google ads received on any computer and account, again without the user ever agreeing to be so profiled).