One continual concern with PPCs is that there is really no way to discover the real percentage of CLICK FRAUDs

But one way to help counter-balance your loses - is to place your PHONE # on the Ad itself :cheesy:

of course - Make sure the Ad is clear about what you offer

This will produce callers who contact you without having to click on your AD to find your contact info.

Of course, this only works well for clear-cut products and services - or companies that require consultations to assist potential customers or to get refined info.

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Interesting idea. I actually think it could be a viable solution with memorable phone numbers such as: "Computer Hardware 1-800-COMP-4-ME. I don't know if it would prove successful with run of the mill numbers, however - or at least not the branding aspect of it.

the real incentive for that idea - was the CASUAL attitudes SEs have about addressing fraudulent clicks

it is very hard to believe that they can be motivated as long as the profits continue to come in

This is just a small way to add some balance on the matter

Tried it on META DESCRITION TAGs - as an experiment
it showed up on the SERPs after being respidered - and customers called without even clicking on the link to the Website - just getting the info from the SERPs:idea:

i hijacked several Google Adwords accounts and advertise for free.
am a smart a.s.s. lol

Huh? /me confused

I think he is saying he is using other peoples accounts to advertise so he doesn't have to pay. Sounds illegal to me...

the only law that is worth something is the one coming from God :o

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