I think I started a thread in the wrong place (Internet Explorer forum) so I'm posting it here since I cannot move the other one.

I got a gmail account lately and tried to log in on msn messenger and it doesn't work. Many of my friends did it but it doesn't work with me. Does anyone know what is the problem?

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Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2
MSN messenger 6.2.0137

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Hi, I did register but on my msn messenger it say "Go to my email inbox" and when I click it, it takes me to outlook. how do I fix that? Plz help.


i dont think there is a fix for this as the go to my inbox is for hotmail i downloaded my gmailk notifier amazing piece of software if i do say so

i gt my invites 4 days after getting my account gt 6 all u have 2 do 2 get em is use ur account alot

i may be wrong about the inbox but i think that is the reason so i set my hotmail up in outlook and my gmail as the notifier sorry if this is no help im a novice


Why even try to do that? Gmail has a notifier now, and it's going to be less of a "Shoehorn" approach than trying to get it working with MSN Messenger.


i cant get my account to register. and after trying a lot of times to get the last bar on the register sheet ( e-mail address) i closed it.. and now it said that i registered it and i got all the e-amils sayin i did to. But i still cant go on msn messenger can anyone help me please


if i register my gmail account here, will i get all the junk mail that hotmail users get?

It will just setup a passport for your email to work with msn. You wont receive any junk from hotmail.

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