Me being the compliant person I am, I recieved an instant message notification in my email that told me I should come here and introduce myself and here I am. "My name is Randy, and I'm a social networkaholic." Yes my user name says Randya and has stuck with me since my very first social network. I thought I was remembering a password or something so I stuck my middle initial on the end of it to make it easy to remember. Little did I know it would be my screen name at the time. I am a MALE lol. As in I have a.....well I am sure we get the point lol.

I became interested in learning more about design and programming a little less than 6 months ago. Being an addict of online communities caused me to come to the brilliant conclusion that I needed to make one. I am pretty much still at a very basic level as I am sure you can imagine. I don't think I am doing to bad considering I am 33 years old and the first time I touched a pc other than to look up library books was last January.

My main interests of learning at this point are basic CSS, HTML, Java, and Javascript. I have an online community started through a webhost that features it's own WYSIWYG editor. It allows for just basic improvements as I have found so far, but I am always looking in hopes of finding some way around it at this point. Some of my major set backs with my host at this point is that I can't do anything with the server at all. That means no PHP, no API, no blah blah blah blah....:( :@ I want to add some interaction for the users of my site so I am sure you feel my pain as I am just now learning what not having these features means. Anyone that would be kind enough to want to have a chat with me and maybe clear up some of the question in my head feel free to inbox me. I am also looking for some relative people to share links with possibly.

To conclude, thanks for having me, thanks in advance for enduring my lack of knowledge, and thank you for being involved in such a community and taking the time to care. Peace!