a survey! Love those :D

Name: Elaine
Nickname: xxxevilgrinxxx and Evilgrin
Height: 5'10'' <<--I'm not 5'10" but it made me feel so tall to leave it there!
Weight: *crickets chirping*
Hair: reddy-blondy-browny color
Eyes: two :D
Location: Canada
Age: *crickets get company*
Hobbies: writing, sketching, digital art, goofing around on the computer, reading

Relationship Status: *why am I tempted to list this as a Defcon number?*

Fav Music: eclectic...very eclectic

Education: college degree

Work: I'm a tinkerer

Favorite Movies: way too many to list. I'll go with a couple, Apocalypse Now and Pitch Black

Favorite TV Shows: all CSI, all Law and Order, Without a Trace, Crossing Jordan. I used to love the X-Files, Millennium and Lone Gunmen too

Favorite Video Games: EFBB, AODA, Max Payne

Stuff you Dislike: mayonnaise and the rude on feet

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Hello and welcome to Daniweb. I love the video game Max Payne too. Can't wait to play Max Payne 3 coming this holiday season. Also, seeing as you live in Canada, I was just wondering if you are a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays. I live in America but they are my favorite baseball team.


I'm on the other side of the country, in Vancouver but yep, I'll cheer for the Jays :D
thanks for the welcome!

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