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Last week, Griffin Technology announced a new product -- iFill -- that will capture audio from free radio stations on the internet, and fill your iPod with several hours worth of music from the internet.

iFill allows you to select from several stations, and several musical styles. According to the company's website, the software allows you to select these stations, and then record the music, and the information will transfer right from the internet to the iPod, syncing the device in real time. The software allows you to set aside iPod space, so that your music doesn't fill the whole storage space when recording.

iFill works with Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4. For Windows, it likes Windows XP SP2. You will also need an internet connection, and an iPod: either the iPod, the iPod nano, the iPod mini, or iPod shuffle.

Interestingly, Griffin Technology's website on the product includes several statements about copying music, and respecting copyrights on the music. They do not encourage downloading and playing in public, along with other practices to comply with fair-use principles.

If I had an iPod, I would be looking at this software. Grab the tunes, and run, and change them in for some new ones and new exposure. Sounds neat!

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