im in a horrible situation for installing windows 2003 on my windows 200 machine...

1) bios doesnt find any boot record from the cd. WHY????

2) installing win2k3 from a windows machine puts temporary setup files on the hard drive, making it impossible to reformat and clean install on reboot.

i been trying everything for the past 8 hours an always end up at the same two problems, a solution please GOD

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  1. is this a pirated version of windows?
  2. if yes, when you made the cd, did you include autorun files?
  3. in the bios setup, is it set to boot to a cd before the hdd?
  4. try another cd that is meant to boot at startup (e.g. win2k), does that one work?
  5. most importantly ... c'mon guys, didn't your mommy ever teach you not to talk 'bout warez crap on a public forum (note, keyword=public)? that's what private messaging was made for:p
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