Hello Guys,

I have Windows 2000 OS on P IV intel pentium 256 MB RAM. Since 2 days my pc keeps on freezing when I try to open something, sometimes it works properly and then when I try opening windows media player or may be a bigger application it freezes, the mouse stops working, ctrl+alt+del stops working, the only remedy left is to restart the pc.
It happens when I open outlook express for my emails. It also happens when a site suddenly opens in the internet explorer. There is no specific timings of happening, but it freezes when something is triggered and I dont know what.
I am currently in the safe mode with network support and everythings working absolutely fine in the safe mode. I dont seem to find any problem in the safe mode.

Can you please help me as to what should be done to get rid of this freezing problem ?

Thanks in advance.

Have a great day.

Birju Shah

Having identical problem. Did you find a sollution?



I formatted my pc :)

If you get the solution, please let me know.

biraju shah

Turned out to be video card driver not being capatible with 2K. Updated it and it is fine.

Hope this helps.


Actually I dont think video card was the problem in my case, as my pc was working absolutely fine with the video card I have since a year and after I have formatted my pc, there is no problem at all.

I think it was because of welchia worm.

Am not sure.


If that did not solve your problems of freezing it may be a intermittent piece of ram. I have had a problem like that before and it was bad RAM. Just a thought that might be useful.

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