Hope some one can help. I just bought a new Toshiba computer with XP Home OS. I am trying to put my wifes XP office professional on there and it works well, except for Word. I am unable to save new documents under the "save" and "save as" options. What I get is an error message that reads "Compile error in hidden module: main" this error window is titled "Microsoft Visual Basic". I am unable to get useful information from "help" and I have run a search and detect with the original disk, as well as reinstall the original disk. This error originated when I was prompted to choose "enable macros" or "disable macros", when I first opened word, on a securtiy warning window. Security was set at high and when I enabled macros, the above mentioned problem came up. I have also run a virus check with recently updated Norton Anti-virus. Any ideas? Is it possible I am hitting a MS wall because I am using my wife's software that is already installed on her computer? I mean, we paid for it a year or so ago. Hope this is clear and enough information.


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To work around this behavior, move the third-party dictation add-in files from the Office Startup folder to a different folder on your hard disk (for example, to the My Documents folder). To do so, follow these steps.

NOTE: Because there are several versions of Microsoft Windows, the following steps may be different on your computer. If they are, see your product documentation to complete these steps.

  1. Quit Word (if it is running).
  2. Right-click Start, and then click Explore.
  3. Locate and then click the following folder, where drive is the drive on which Windows is installed: drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Startup

    NOTE: This is the default location for the Office Startup folder. If you installed Word to a different location, the path to the Office Startup folder on your computer may be different.

  4. Right-click the third-party dictation add-in file (for example, Dictation.dot), and then click Cut.
  5. Click Start, right-click the My Documents folder, and then click Paste.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each third-party dictation add-in file in the Startup folder
  7. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=%2Fservicedesks%2Fbin%2Fkbsearch.asp%3FArticle%3D328239

I mean, we paid for it a year or so ago. Hope this is clear and enough information.

I know this doesn't help to solve your problem, but in all reality what you're doing is illegal according to the license agreement that you clicked "Accept" during the installation on your wife's PC as well as your laptop.

Read the EULA that's on the disk...a boiled down version says that you can't have two copies installed without two valid licenses. A work environment to a home environment is a bit different, though.

I'll leave it up to you to decide on the legalities. :)

edit: Forgot to add that B's solution seems like it should do the trick. Always helps when the error is posted verbatim!


Thanks "B'" and feigned. I'll try the 1st suggestion. Feigned, since my wife has her own computer in the house (not a work computer) and mine is now the same for me (sure we use them for work sometimes but they stay in the house), I feel rather comfortable with the software sharing. MS may feel differently, but then, maybe not given the "closeness" of the computers, software and users. Technically you are right but I sense gray areas in all this as well. Gracias for reply.


It worked. Most irksome problem solved. Little things can get me so bent out of shape. I owe "B" a beer, coffee, or decaf. tea (whatever yer pleasure). Thanks a million.


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