I decided to aquire Windows .NET RC1 the legal way, direct from Microsoft. I signed up about a week and a half ago, for the "CPP Preview Program" (whatever that means) and got the email today.

Aparently, MS does not have enough servers to meet demand. I can't get there :-( to much server load. http://windowsbeta.microsoft.com someone try going there and proving me wrong.

Oh well...

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I took a survey for Windows .NET Beta, like 5 months ago...Just got my email 2 weeks ago..

I downloaded off there servers perfectly...



I got it the next day after the post.

I dunno about you guys but except for the fact that it was a tad buggy it seems to run better than win2k in my opinion. i tried RC2 and it wouldnt run on my system =\

I heard it won't be called Windows .NET anymore? Now it's server 2003 or something?

In any case, just curious, is this a complete server operating system only? (e.g. upgrade from Win2K Advanced server, terminal server, etc) Not an upgrade to XP, right?

its more of its own OS vs an upgrade from XP or 2k but it is more simular to XP..same start menu..you can do the cartoonish themes XP has. Ithink the official name is Windows.NET Server 2003...

I'm running RC2 almost full-time now. I *LOVE* it...it hardly crashes, and supports just about everything except for some games, which is where XP Pro is used ;). You gotta love the built in Windows Media Server!!

Ithink the official name is Windows.NET Server 2003...

So it's a 100% server OS, right? ;)

I guess :P I still play 3d games in it and get better performance than win2k or XP

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