Arg. I've posted to other forums but to no avail. People seem interested in helping out at the beginning and then the problem seems to serious or something so they drop off! :)

Ok. Here's the lowdown.
I'm running Windows 2000 on an old beater Sony Vaio.
I'm networked to a Mac.
I have adaware, spybot, and norton antivirus and utilities and I'm running a sygate personal firewall.

My computer was maxing out at 100 percent CPU last week (it used to do this on a regular basis, but not at startup) and showed services.exe as eating up all of the percentage.

Now, after "fixing" a few things, it does it at startup...and I have two copies of services.exe in my task manager. One eats up the percentage and one does "normal" processes.

I downloaded killprocess and kill one of the services.exe every morning when I turn on my computer. That kills one of the services.exe and leaves the other one running. This seems to work ok.

I also just today have started having a svchost.exe file crash somewhere about 15 minutes after I start my computer. I don't know what this means or how to fix it, but...

I have also, just today, had a problem cutting and pasting things from my desktop into my network folder...and my OUtlook express keeps saying it "doesn't have enough memory" because there was an "error when opening this email"

I'm no tech head, but I"m not a newbie either. I just don't know what has happened in the last week to make my life so difficult. I don't have my windows cds, as I have moved country since I got the computer, and I'm not really in the mood to dump everything off of this computer. It's a workhorse! And I love it for all that it's been put through.

Any ideas?

Here is the answer to your Services.exe problem:

Your svchost.exe problem may not be to simple. Svchost.exe runs DLL files. Follow the link that will appear after this paragraph, and run the utility to see what svchost is currently running. Then try to track down each of those things to see which one is causing the error.