Daniweb Community,

I am Junior in Information Sciences and Technology. I am pursuing the Design and Development Option and the Database Theme Track within my major. This means that my classes have a focus on software development and systems design. I am very interested in the technical side of Information Technology and I am constantly trying to learn new skills and obtain knowledge. I am currently working as a LAMP developer for Information Technology Services here at Penn State. This opportunity has given me some great PHP skills and an interest in LAMP as well. This internship has really sparked an interest in me for web development and I am looking forward to using Daniweb to help build my skills as a developer. I know that I will probably have to work for a company after I graduate so that I can afford my bills and eat, however it is my long term goal to pursue a career as freelance IT professional. I also feel that this will be a good place to learn the tricks of that trade.

Besides school and work, I enjoy to the play intramural football here at Penn State. Unfortunately, my team did not get into to the league so we will be reserved to just playing pickup for fun. It will still at least get me some exercise though. When it isn't as bitter cold as it is now here I can usually be found on the golf course working on my game. We have a pretty nice golf course here at Penn State that offers a great value if a season pass is bought. I will definitely miss the course once the snow starts flying here and we enter into sub freezing temperatures. I also play a lot of PS3. I am currently playing Demon's Souls and anxiously awaited Uncharted 2. And by the way, I can't recommend Demon's Souls enough. It is the best game I have played this generation. I don't really know how to explain why I like it so much but if you truly like video games and more specifically complex games you will love this. My PSN id is sliced_Peaches so add me if you want to game.

I am very happy to have find Daniweb. From the looks of the site and its community I have seen so far I can definitely see myself spending a lot of time here and contributing to the forum.


Thanks for joining us!
Hope you enjoy being a member of this forum!