Hi all!

My first post. Glad to be here. Lots to read.

About me: I am a 34 year old fulltime musician who performs regularly in a rock band and tours the Southeastern US. I teach drums at a local college and private lessons at my house here in Mobile, AL. My main instrument is the vibraphone, and I also do symphonic work with the Mobile Symphony Orchestra and the Pensacola Orchestra.

I have been into Internet Marketing for quite some time, but wasn't active for the past couple years due to my occupation and general business.

Now hoever, I am back, largely due to the amount of time I spend in different towns sitting in the hotel room waiting to perform. I carry a laptop with me, and it's WIFI enabled. Most hotels have Wireless hotspots.

Anyway, i just created a new domain name, and I would love some feedback.

It's http://www.vibist.com/

No, it's not about me being a vibist, although I have plans for a subdomain for that purpose.

Instead, it's a free banner exchange. I realized quite quickly that 99% of the banner exchanges I run across are junk. The admins give out too many free credits, and they inflate their numbers to make themselves look bigger than they actually are.

In my case, my banner exchange has been up for 2 days straight, no problems, and I have 10 new members. I am happy as pie about that.

I am offering a 5:4 ratio, cheap CPM ad purchases, and 250 credits for new members, which is a lot less than most exchanges, that offer 1,000.

Now, I am not promoting my site for you guys to join it, but I could use some critiques on how the site is laid out, spelling errors, gross incompetence, or whatever you see that needs fixing.

Thanks, and I look forward to reading quite a bit on here. Awesome forum. Very active!

Anyway, Nice to meet you all!

Rob W.
owner of Vibist.com
Free banner exchange.

P.S. I am also the proud father of a 3 year old daughter. Daddy's pride and Joy. :)

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Hey there and welcome to DaniWeb. :) If you'd like to post a site review, you can do so once you hit the ten post minimum in the site reviews forum :)


Ok thanks!

Didn't know there was a minimum. :)

Guess I will go back and read the forum rules. Sorry :O

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