How will the masses make use of the huge disk drives?

People who do lots of useless video like myself may come close to filling these monstrocities.

Business users with their spreadsheets, accounting packages, contact lists, presentations, software packages and copies there of won't approach these limits.

The less tech savy users have little need for specialty apps and files, so their storage requirements will be considerably less.

and what about the old adage: Unused disk space is wasted?

I have come to believe that disk space is like freeways - they fill to capacity shortly after you get them. This might add to storage needed. I remember buying a 20 meg (for $750 for my Amiga) and thinking it would satisfy my needs for years.

You are right that it is hard to imagine the need for a $150 1 terabyte hard drive but some research into halographic imaging will probably increase the storage needed by some pretty large factors.

Just think about full sensory input vacation pictures of the future!!

As more people start to use iTunes and other online/digital media sources, the HDs will fill up quick. My personal move collection in itunes is just now over 2TB in size, and still growing rapidly, with 6 TV Shows that regularly get recorded in hi-def. a single Hi-Def Blue Ray movie takes about 16G of space, so 100 of those and you've already used another 2TB worth of video. As standards increase, so do the space requirements.

blud: you need to invest in a blue-ray read/writer so that you can put all those movies on dvd instead of keeping them on your hd.

Computers are a commodity item and disk space to a large part is marketing hype for the masses. It's just like cars with all that extra horse power.

Yeah, I have heard enough of my fellow students brag about the amount of disk space on their brand new notebooks. I have never bought anything but a used notebook computer, so I have to be happy with disk space they gave you a few years ago. Actually more than plenty!

yeah i have 80gb but only have about 10gb free on my laptop (then again i do have like ~20gb of developer tools and ~30gb of music + photos on there)

This isn't really a problem, but if it were, it would be quite a nice one to have.

It is hardly a problem today when you can buy a large external hard drive for around $100.00.
I remember my first hard drive was 10MB and I was never going to use that much storage space, and I never did. Now I can get a 2 TB 2000 times more storage.

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