Dear friends !

I have a HP Compaq nx6110 Notebook PC. It comes with IDE Hard Disk. There is a problem in the PC that it is not detecting both the Hard Disk and CD-ROM. (I checked in BIOS setup and also when I want to install new XP, it states that setup did not find any hard disk.

I downloaded the troubleshooting manual for this model from HP site and found that it may be controller problem. Other things like screen, RAM, CPU are quite OK.

Now, thinking that the Hard Disk might have some problems, I replaced it with other hard disks but they are also not detected.

I want to know where is this IDE controller located. Is it the circuit somewhere on the motherboard or it is the circuit down to the hard disk itself. Because if it is the circuit on the hard disk itself, then why new hard disks that I connected for testing are not detected.

Please help me in solving this issue.


Check in the CMOS setup to see if the PATA controller is enabled. Also check to see if the cable is properly connected to the motherboard. The controller is built in to the motherboard and not really something you can access as hardware. If it is PATA (vs SATA) there will be jumpers to set it for Master, Slave or Cable select.

In CMOS Setup, I am not able to find any PATA or SATA information. I was also trying to see that information but could not find it.

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