I have three Hard disk drives on my laptop. The details: Hard disk C has a total 15 of GB space, Partition D has 268 GB space and E has 181 GB. All the work I do goes only to Hard disc C and space in Hard disc D and E remains unutilized. Is there any way I can transfer the additional surplus space from Hard disc D and E to Hard disc C say 250 GB in C and 125 GB each in D and E. Thanks in advance!

Configuration: Windows Vista

thanks pal, but it did not help! the issue remains unresolved

are all the partitions actually formatted? (it might be worth reformatting those two drives)

Although windows can see the 2 & 3 hard disks does your BIOS have the right details for that type of drive?

I did not understand clearly if you have 3 HDDs or 3 partitions. If you have 3 partitions on a single hard disk then you can use just about any partitioning software (I would recommend Hiren's boot cd which contains some partitioning software). If you run Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can type diskmgmt.msc in the Run box and use the partition manager bundled with the operating system.

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