I have three Hard disk drives on my laptop. The details: Hard disk C has a total 15 of GB space, Partition D has 268 GB space and E has 181 GB. All the work I do goes only to Hard disc C and space in Hard disc D and E remains unutilized. Is there any way I can transfer the additional surplus space from Hard disc D and E to Hard disc C say 250 GB in C and 125 GB each in D and E. Thanks in advance!

Configuration: Windows Vista

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are all the partitions actually formatted? (it might be worth reformatting those two drives)

Although windows can see the 2 & 3 hard disks does your BIOS have the right details for that type of drive?


I did not understand clearly if you have 3 HDDs or 3 partitions. If you have 3 partitions on a single hard disk then you can use just about any partitioning software (I would recommend Hiren's boot cd which contains some partitioning software). If you run Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can type diskmgmt.msc in the Run box and use the partition manager bundled with the operating system.

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