Hi guys,

Am in a big problem, I have a 120 GB external HD which I use to store and move my most important files. Yesterday I have attached it to my relative's laptop and since then the nightmare started. When I connected th HD to my laptop it didn't autoplay, I went to "my computer" and double clicked the E: drive and there was the message "This drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now". Of course I didn't, and after a right click on the drive I found that the HD has no file system any more, it showed that empty space is zero and used space is zero.
I previously had this problem with flash memories and simply formatted them but know no that can't be done. I have about 112GBs of files out of them about 30GBs of irreplaceble data. I suspect that a virus on that laptop has some how destroyed my file system.
I really appreciate any help in this problem with providing any tools or information about this issue. I know that some companies may provide such support but I would like to try it myself as no one cares for person's data more than himself.

10x in advance for any support provided.

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are the correct lights on the externalt case?
how about trying a different external case. or do you have access to a desktop PC, maybe you can try connecting to that PC INTERNALLY and see if it's detected... another thing to try shut down the laptop, plug the drive in then boot up the laptop.

had the same thing on mine, solved everything by reseating the drive in the external enclosure


10x guys for the replies but I tried putting the HD in another enclosure (tested with another HD) and it didn't work, the lights are correct but the problem presists. Tried booting with the HD connected and even through a bootable CD not related to windows but no results.

Same here.
my external multi media hard disk player
when i connect it to my desktop computer
i see red light in my HD that means its working
and i feel the HD booting up...but nothing
shows in computer...
this is what am going to do
iam going to change the mini usb port with a new one, hope that will solve it.
so i'll try it out and get back 2u. salam

I don't think changing the USB port is going to work. I have encountered this type of problems a lot here at work and the only solution I have found was to reformat the drive. Once I have reformatted then I can go into the HDD. If you happen to reformat the HDD, you might be able to recover some files with a data recovery software.

Johnny80. I cant format my HD cuz i cant even
see my HD icon in "My Computer"
anyway i solved the problem and all my files
are there nothing is deleted
i just changed my HD case(box) that had the HD inside it...Sorry4my bad english
i got a new case for 20 $
so am sure that will solve ur problems 2
Thank u all. salam

My hdd ecternai is not switchin on is it dead or is there a wat i can fix my hdd

Had the same problem my external HDD it was not working i did check for every thing regards for USB port.... etc. every thing there were ok but once, i open the cove of E HDD i saw the disk inside then i pressed on it as strong pressed then it s working without hang. you have to try but as carefully.

Your hard disk has crashed and it is a software problem changing case or USB port wont be helpful.. You will need to format it.. If u still wanna recover your data follow the following step:

Make sure you quick format it
QUick format will only clear the sectors where file information is stored not the actual information
THen you can use any disk recovery tool even the free ones to recover your data.
I had to do the same thing about 3 months back. recovery software will take time around 4 - 6 hours but you will get your data back

If you have your desktop pc, it is so then try connecting the pins to them and see whether it has detected ........or replace the internal disk with external you will fix your problem there...or else scan for viruses and Trojan,it may have effected your files if so delete and go for custom scan,it replaces only your c:\drive and check for your files if present then move them safely to your internal disk by replacing the old...

thanks Abu Ibaid. My external drive was also not working. It was making small noise when start it. I put it in freezer for 2 hours but did not work. So opened external hard drive case and while power on I pressed in the middle. I heard some squeeze noise. I thought thats the end of the story. Amazingly it started working.

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