I know the heading is a bit confusing..
what made me to put this question here is that :Recently i heard an article that the rumours are true! GTK is LGPL, QT is GPL big difference

It means even if I create something with front end QT , I can't sell it unless I acquire a license from the authority.

i think in python , everything is well and free like gtk . What about perl ?
I would like to know the case with other scripting langauages like php , javascipt and js framework libraries like jquery

Also ActionScript.

Instead of googling , i thought share it here at IT Professionals' Lounge would be a good idea as each will have a better idea of langauge they use :)

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Instead of googling, you could also just read the license information on every products license page, or often enough the faq. The thread you are referring to is from 2004. A lot _could_ have changed since then (it didn't for qt though).

If you intend to sell your software, stay away from GPL'ed packages and/or tools.

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