What PC Magazines do any Brits read. I used to like Wired but its hard to get hold of these days. Most magazines are just idiots guides and adverts these days, and you have to really search for anything readable. I read a copy of Windows & .Net magazine once, but again US import and is hard to find.

Also what web sites do people like for Tech news and stuff. I really don't get round to reading as much as I should, and would like to start catching up.

Also when I get round to creating my web site I wanted to do some tech news on that for my PC Project Segment, where can you get sources from, obviously I couldn't research everything myself.

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Hi everyone,

If you want good informative tech news as well as discussions you may want to try this forum


I am also a member there under the same user name as here(i.e. freesoft_2000)

Richard West

ps. I hope Dani will not be angry for my doing this as i am not trying to solicit you to another forum but only trying to answer your question and helping you out

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