I am Chef Owner of The Fisherman's Daughter, a personal chef service in south Louisiana, and desperately trying to learn more about IT to benefit my business and self. I'm very familiar with most Windows programs - Word for my Menus, etc.; Excel for my books, inventories, etc. but that's about it. I run into problems knowing where to start when one of the programs go haywire, thus, the "thread" in "Dead Computers" Forum. WHen I'm not cooking, I love to travel, spend time with my adult children (2 in New Orleans, 1 in New York, and 1 in Chicago), sailing with friends and believe it or not, eating out with my other foodie friends! I'm also working on a cookbook and a retail product line.

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Same here! I want to learn more as well and I am also new to IT. I have only posted one thread but I like it here already and plan on posting threads and replies as much as I facebook, LOL:D

p.s.- If anyone would like to learn more about what really cool things I can do with websites/blogs/some graphics just send me a pm!

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