Okay first of all I am not sure if this is the right part of the forum for this but...

I am currently 19 and I kinda took some wrong turns with my education so I either sit on my butt and do nothing for about one year or I'll find some work(for one year).

Since I do not feel qualified to work with the stuff I want to work with the idea of getting a job feels kind of "meh". I am in other words trying to convince myself if there's a way to educate myself at home for the upcoming months...

Anyway I am basically looking for suggestions on what to do. I want to work with something IT related but that's not very specific. I *think* I like the idea of "something network something" but I feel like I can't really be much more specific.

Like should I learn programming languages or focus on something else(such as what, learning how to handle servers or something?)?

So yeah, do you guys have any suggestions, tips or well... anything? :p


Might as well mention that the education I am applying for next year (if I had done things properly it would've been this year) is university level computer science.

Edit: I probably should've mention that I'm not just looking for something to waste time on. I'm out to learn stuff.

I'd get a job if you sit around 'intending' to learn you'll likely end up doing less than you should, look for work in a computer shop or something u'l learn a little (as generally u get a few teckheads to every computer outlet) and you'll make a little money. (i don't know where you live (country only) but in Britain part-time employment has skyrocketed due to rescission and advantageous to the employer of employing part timers, that would give you time to study as well)

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