Is it possible to connect Paypal and Google Analytics?

I want to know what website is leading to sales of my product.

For each sale, I want to know what external website the buyer was directed from.
(Example: If all of my sales come from Facebook, I can concentrate more on the work I do on that site.)

My Site: SNIP
Thank you

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I think you can if you set it up on Google Analytics to track particular goals and one goal is that visitors visit the pay with the paypal or that they leave the page.

Hi flyblackbox - welcome to DaniWeb. I am not sure if Analytics can track a sale all the way through PayPal (my guess is that it doesn't). However, when the user finalizes Payment through paypal, you can redirect them to a unique "thank you" page that is hosted on your site - which will connect and finalize the sales process. Just be sure to add the analytics code to your thank you page.

Yeah I have that set up, but the problem is that after a sale, you have to click the 'finalize sale' link from the Paypal page.

It is not mandatory to click that link however, and many users simply close the window. You know what I mean?

Hmm.. can you not make it mandatory within PayPal? I could have sworn there was/is a way to automatically redirect users back to your site upon final sale.

I thought I had this setting turned on.

I found an article that describes this on Google:

BUT, then I read this:

Customers can check out without a PayPal account

When the "account optional" feature is turned on, customers don't need a PayPal account. They use an alternate checkout and have the option to sign up for a PayPal account afterward. Customers with PayPal accounts still log in to their PayPal accounts to check out.

This feature is available for Buy Now buttons, Donations, and shopping carts.

Please note that if both the "auto return" and "account optional" features are turned on, customers who don't log in to PayPal can choose to go back to your website after checkout, but aren’t returned automatically.

So if a customer doesn't use paypal to pay for the item, the auto-return feature will not work.

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