There are so many recommendations on SEO but my question is: How do you measure it? How do you know that your SEO tactics/optimization actually worked? I think one way is to track the amount of organic visitors before and after the refresh. What else do you measure or track?

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You measure the qualified traffic compared to your hits.

Mozilla Firefox has many tools for SEO.
The only thing I dont like about this browser is that every day when I open it it installs updates. I feel like they are spying on my pc.

Mozilla ... I feel like they are spying on my pc.

Oh, you better be scared of that Godzilla Modzilla. It's got big big teeth and it can read your mind too...

No No No just joking. I have something professional to add I just can't remember what it was right now. I'll get back to this ... soon.

Take a look at your server log files. Find a way to differentiate your visitors from other automated mambo jumbo.

I think your behaviors on SEO might not reflect on your SERP so rapidly. So, I would like to recommend an add-on for Firefox to be used for monitoring purposes. It would show so many factors when you open your site in Firefox. :)

There are so many seo techniques we need to follow.....


SEO is most effective to get high traficc and good PR...
Many SEO tools you can learn and used ...

Thanks and hope it's help

google webmaster tool
or your hosting stats

google analytics Google adwords servers appear in the MSMVP Hosts file Spybot , adaware, and just about every other antimalware software files as malware
THird party script; installed without user permission; reporting browser habits to a third party; Classic definition of spyware
Most users have spybot adaware MBAM or something installed with default settings, especially if they don't know how it works or what it does
The google trackers are not much use
either server logs on your own host, or if your host package does not give access to the server logs install a local version of tracking software, a php script like bbclone or similar
There will be hundreds more hits than you know about if you compare google tracker and local server tracking

I think with google analytics, you can monitoring traffic from volume visit...
it must do continues, so you can determine SEO techniques can works well or not ...


I use from <snip> to track my website visitors. Its lot better than the server log.

that is right
it is a very good tool for webmaster to check their website seo work

first of all do sitemaps and then check your keywords density (i has to be less than 10% for particular keyword on your site)

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