Good People,

My motherboard went bad on my vaio..........It has set for over a year and now I have decided to replace the motherboard for an extra comp in the house.......I cannot get the case open...........I have taken out every screw..........any ideas or thoughts?

Thank you

I don't have the same model you do (I have the PCG-TR3AP), but I recently took mine apart and I thought that three of the screws were pretty tricky. Hopefully they used the same tricks on your model.

There are screws under each of the back rubber feet. I just peeled the feet off and when I was done they had enough sticky stuff on them to stick back on ok.

There is a screw in the compartment with the RAM. Take the RAM cover off to expose it.

Lastly, on my model there is a bit of a trick in lifting the keypad piece off once all the screws are removed. I had to raise/lower the monitor portion until I got the angle just right and the hinges slipped out.

Hope this helps. And good luck!

im pretty sure you can only use VAIO motherboards and cases on other VAIOs as they are a custom size

Got all the screws, but still not coming apart............I have tried the angle of the monitor but dont think that is it,,,,,,,,,,,,thks for try, but still looking for help.