and it kicks ass. It has all the speed I loved from Chrome and all the plug-ins I use so very often :)

Anyone else given it a try yet?

Yes - I used it for a while then I discovered the 'Pale Moon' version of FireFox. I may go back because I forget why I gave it up.

I have used the version firefox 4. Firefox 4 sad to say is the same as firefox 3.6. I prefer using google chrome and safari. I use my time machine and restore firefox 3.6 and delete firefox 4 although i don't know why. I still prefer the older version of firefox and the icon where it has shows a fox with nine tails. Anyone likes that? Chrome is still the best for me, it has auto translations from other languages to the one you want

so far so good. it seems much faster than 3.6 for me, i'm still on Chrome though for now.

i am still on chrome....

Yeah me too, i support chrome it is more stable than firefox on firefox wil crash often. Camino is not bad too. Anyone used camino:|

Installed 4 on my bosses workstation and had huge problems. His Robo Form wont work and cut and paste in our corporate email failed(a Java problem I think). Had to uninstall without removing user data and then dig out old thumb drive to find 3.6 installer. Hope they fix it soon he actually started using his IE8 more:(

Still use chrome here. It just seems a lot faster than the others.

Now, i am using firefox and i think i experience problem. Whengoing to daniweb and i type the word seems funny and the post reply button is rectangular not the same when i use chrome. Help please

Yep, I seem to have settled down with Chrome as my browser squeeze for the time being.

Chrome seems to be the most popular web browser in the world. I like its features which can auto translate language for you although sometimes it is not very accurate

I'm actually really liking FF4. It's still a bit of a memory hog, but besides that, it's been blazing fast since the install on all my machines ranging from Win Server 2K3 through 7. I don't like Chrome or IE, so FF will probably stay as co-primary browser along with Opera for me.

Firefox is fast, and the icon is cool. But i still prefer chrome. Well, usually i use more than two browsers, chrome and firefox. And my firefox has crashed two times, do you think it is a bug problem with the apps.

Is that true by Chrome, Google is spying the world ? There are lot of articles and news on Internet regarding this.

What do you mean by that. Do you mean they are stealing our personal information.

May be, there are lot of articles on internet regarding it.

That let's not use google or start a anti google campaign. Is there a way to block google from 'stealing' our personal information. Is daniweb safe? Google can just hack into daniweb and have access to all members profiles

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I am still a fan of chrome, though Firefox is moving in the right direction. I personally noticed no speed differentials between Firefox 4 and 3.6.

Firefox is more cooler and have the new feature sync

Honestly, browsers are starting to all look alike. I compared FF4 vs Chrome vs IE9 vs Opera 11 they seriously all look alike...

Are you a shep oalee? Each web brosers have their own advantages

Are you a shep oalee? Each web brosers have their own advantages

I agree with browsers having their own pros and cons, but honestly I don't see any major advantage of one over the other. It's really more of a personal preference on which one you're comfortable using.

and it kicks ass. It has all the speed I loved from Chrome and all the plug-ins I use so very often :)

Anyone else given it a try yet?

I must say Internet Explorer is soon to go down the drain. Chrome and Firefox are definitely talking over... I do admit though, Chrome loads faster then Firefox, but Firefox and Chrome in my opinion have similar speeds. I just did an auto update to my Windows, and Internet Explorer 9 would be the new IE?'s still slow. I don't know what to say about Internet Explorer because I don't use it anymore.

I'm wondering who would be the next competitor in faster browser loading ^^_

It would be opera. Camino is good