I downloaded Mac OS X again because Safari disappeared. When I finished downloading it, all my files and photos have gone and my mac has no memory!

Is there any possible way of getting all my files back??
Please help me I need some of these files desperately!!!

Thank you

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Once you get booted to your desktop, open your computer location and look at the folders. I'd be willing to bet that you see more than one System folder.

You probably installed a new 'instance' of MacOS in addition to the one that is already there with all your files.

Here's an excellent article at the Apple support site that covers the step-by-step procedure for 'pointing' your operating system back to the original System folder:


I hope this helps!

/David C.

Do you back up your files using time machine before you reinstalled your mac. Your data is now lost but somewhere in your hard drive

what i mean above is not lost but somewhere in your hard drive. You can send your mac to a apple service centre and retrieve your lost data. This must be done as soon as possible as some of your files will be gone as the time pass and you can't retrieve them anymore

you could go internet and re download safari without reinstalling your mac

What do you mean that you downloaded OSX again? Does this mean that you reinstalled it from you install disk? Should this be your course of action, it is critical which option you used for the install. Now if you downloaded the install from the apple site, it would only be a upgrade and all should be fine. Did you have to create a new account when you installed the system or was your original one still there. If the account was already there, you should be fine. Now, if you did install from disk, and used the "archive and install" option, not all is lost. Look for a previous system folder in you top directory. This will have your old account there. Give me a shout and I will tell you how to get it back.
Safari missing. do you mean it was not in the dock? The Dock only holds aliases so you have quick access to your favourite apps. The alias can be retrieved by going to the Application folder and dragging the app to the dock. The icon will disappear if you drag it off of the dock in a puff of smoke. This is so you can have maximum flexibility with what you have in the dock.

I agree with macmad. Which option do you chose before you reinstall. Like archive and install or erase and install. Erase and install erase your whole mac, after reinstalling your mac again setup assistant will open and prompt you to set up your account. Is that the option you choose. There are alos two option in erase and install. one is erase all data the other one is erase all data securely. if you choose the second option, you are a goner your files can't be retrieved. if you choose the first option you can still get back your files. but that requires a long time. REply quickly for us to solve the problem

Do not hold back long. Quickly reply so your problem can be solved as quickly the longer it takes the less files it can be recovered.

If your problem is solved can you please mark the thread as solved. You can do that by going to the bottom. Thanks, i appreciate it.

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Did you backup your stuft with time machine. Try restoring it maybe it will help. Try this two software disk drill and stella phoenix. Just as royng has said. They are pretty easy to use and you can use them to recover your data. If that does not work, send your macbook to an apple service centre, the technician are able to help you retrieve your data. Reinstalling your mac will not totally delete your files, although they appear to be gone and you can't use spotlight to search for it, traces of your files and folders are still stored in your internal hard disk. The apple technician are able to recover your data from your internal hard disk provided when you reformat your mac you did not click on the option use secure erase. The options will totally erase your hard disk clean and no matter how pro the technician are they are still unable to recover your data. Er, from your first post i just realize that this threads has been more than 3 month old since you post your problem last year. I was wondering have your problem been solved:-/. If not send your mac for repair as this problem has persist for too long but there is no harm trying the method i suggest.

Good luck

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