Hey daniweb!:icon_cheesygrin:
I have not done real hardcore programming still,but have created a couple of games(in flash),
some applications(with MFC).
I have now finished all the education I need to ,before joining an engineering course.

I don't like any course(which they offer)except for computer science which is because I have enjoyed my little experience of creating some apps and games.

I am now thinking of what exactly I must take up.
Since most of you must be computer people,I just want to ask,do you hate your job?(like everyone is supposed to)
My cousin who is a computer engineer,told me that they get to work on small chunks of the main project and that they won't even have an idea of what it will become on the large scale.
Is this true?

I also heard they are made to over work and it is a very competitive field.
Is it true?

Do you think I will continue to like the course or will it get bugging after real time learning begins?I now really enjoy making applications and games.Will they let me have fun when I start working?

Any help pals?

Hope I can make it conversation with you.
Thank You:icon_wink:

What you've heard is true for some employers. For others it's the exact opposite. Just like any field there are good jobs and bad jobs, you just have to find the one that fits you best.

>>I just want to ask,do you hate your job?

Nope, never did. If I haded the job then I'd quit and go work somewhere else where I liked it. I see no point in doing something I don't like to do, which is exactly why I'm not a farmer today. A job is not really "work" if you like what you are doing.

May I ask what exactly you do at work?
For me,when I decide on a project,I do everything right from the art to music and programming.
What about you?I mean,I have no idea,you would have been through my age(or rather my expertise),is it possible to explain?

It depends on the job. In one job I did everything too from design to coding and on to testing. That was because I was the only programmer in the company. In other jobs I did only design and coding for only a small part of the program because I was a member of a team of about 200 computer specialists.

Okay,so it looks like people do everything and there is no specific answer to my question.

And one more thing:
I want to learn more programming now ...out of interest before I go to college.
So,what should I learn now?I am asking because I don't want to learn something that will anyway be taught formally(am I wise here?).
What languages are being taught today in a degree course?

What should I try working on,now ?
I hope you understood me. :)
I have no idea of how things are taught in college.can you help me?