is function DESCRIPTION document is different in function DESIGN document?

if they are different in what way ?

thanks :)

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Okay, I'll bite.

A FUNCTION is a programming construct that accomplishes something.

A DESIGN is a plan of how to accomplish something.

A DESCRIPTION is some text that explains or describes something.

Therefore, a FUNCTION DESIGN is a plan of how a programming construct will accomplish something.

A FUNCTION DESCRIPTION is some text that explains it.

So how are they different?

Usually, a design comes before construction. A description can happen any time. So, a Function Design may contain a Function Description (and usually does). A Function Description generally won't stand alone...if it does, it was usually created after the Function was already built (sometimes YEARS later :) ).

sorry if my question is kinda non sense..
based on the task my boss gave to me.

according to her i need to do first the functional description before the functional design.
and its kinda weird..

so i made a data flow diagram that explain the flow of the functions and explain the functions in the dfd..

i hope i made it correct..
thank you :)

in Filipino language "SALAMAT"

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