Glad to be here, hopeful that I can find some easily understood answers to a few perplexing problems.

I'm one of those webmasters and IT guys that got that way by default. I know more about 'puters and am more comfortable playing than others in the office, so it's on my plate. I know many can identify.

I work in a Windows environment (XP, Win2K, SBS2003). I use Dreamweaver (and parts of the whole Studio package from Macro-adobemedia). I am NOT a programmer, I do NOT "know" HTML, PHP, ASP, MySQL, or most of the other stuff out there. I figure out what I need, learn enough to get 'er done, and where I can ask for help. Mostly works pretty well. Learn enough to be dangerous and then holler for help. :cool:

I'm always glad to help in those areas where I have knowledge and enjoy the discussions. If you need to know about wood and woodturning, I'll point you to a different forum and will be HAPPY to help you. Hoping that y'all can help me find answers in this cyber-realm.


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