I am brand new here and would like some help. I want to build a computer that I will mainly use to work with PhotoShop. I was a commercial photog for 30 years and sold my studio a few years ago to avoid the "digital investment".
Now I am doing the same thing out of my house (in a much smaller way). I cannot afford a top line outfit. Most of my files are in the 50-200mb file size.
Also any advice on some of the new 8 megapixel cameras would be appreciated.

So what is your question, CarbonTery? Do you want to know what to buy, or do you want to know how to build it?

I'm really unclear about that from your post ;)

I posted that early AM and wasnt very coherent. I want to know what to buy on a PC platform. Any help on building would be appreciated also.

Hi again,

If you're a newbie to system building then I'd suggest you don't.

For photography work, then a budget level system should do just fine for you, and you should be able to pick one up quite cheaply if you shop around. Steer clear of the chainstores and the 'Name-brand' systems, and scour the print media advertisements, either in the 'Technology' supplements of newspapers or specialised PC publications, for budget priced system suppliers. They'll be locally assembled, much cheaper, and should work just as well as the more expensive ones.

Look for the following features as necessary inclusions. (Pay extra if you need to. Ring the suppliers and talk a deal with them)

Windows XP. (Any earlier version is a nuisance and a nonsense.)
512Mb of system memory. (Less RAM means a less responsive system)
Plenty of hard drive storage (80Gb would give you room to breathe, and would most likely be the minimum size included anyway)
CD-Burner (An essential item for data backup, and a DVD burner is preferable)

The choice of processor in the system isn't as important, although I'd suggest you steer clear of Celeron based systems. Athlon XP and Pentium 4 systems work much better!

Shop around, mate. You might be pleasantly surprised to see how cheaply systems can be purchased when you move away friom the 'name-brands, and in most circumstances systems can be purchased more cheaply than you can build them yourself.

Sorry, I'll leave it to someone else to advise about that camera purchase.

Hi again,

If you're a newbie to system building then I'd suggest you don't.

I'd have to disagree with you there. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Why not start on this system? It really isn't that difficult.

I'd suggest reading up on the components of a pc. You can find that information on various websites. Once you know what does what you'll better understand what caliber of components you'll need for your system as well.

Since you are planning on running Photoshop I wouldn't suggest less then 1gb or ram. Other than that I can't suggest anything else as I don't know your specific budget.

novatech (i think they migh be uk only but must be an us equivilent)

on there a barebones pc with case,psu and motherboard and half a gig of ram is under £200 its a great starting point as you then buy your own hard disk etc.. and can get the oem versions off them which is cheaper. e.g xp home oem is only £60 there if you buy it witha pc your building

good place to learn about system upgrades and modding as its generic parts