Does anyone know where I can find a good tutorial or have working knowledge with NetCat? I am using the program to send SMTP to a server and I am having trouble after I establish the connection. The goal is to test AV while sending a virus as an attachment, embedded in the date, inside the message and in a ppt.

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I am sending a POP3 message from a client to server VM. I get the handshake but the server is timing out. I am using a Quick n Easy mail server and in the log I can see the connection but not the message delivery. I did a SMTP message the first time it worked and placed the message in the rcpt mailbox, the second time it hung up. I used wireshack to do a packet trace. It showed the handshake but not the delivery of the message. I was trying to find a way to trace out of netcat through something like test msgs to troubleshoot plus also find a reference from commands that gives through explanation of how they can be used in terms of syntax i.e. what needs to go first then second.

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