We all know there's no dearth of badly designed web sites out there. Well, why don't we start listing them here? Anyone who thinks a web site is bad in terms of design, content, implementation, whatever can post a link here so we can all see what NOT to do when creating web sites.

Remember you're free to pass comments about the web sites already posted as well...

I'll go first with www.asusceo.in

What do I hate about this site? Pretty much everything. The color combination, the bad spelling and grammar, pathetic layout, no logical flow of content.

The worst part is that I was supposed to design the site, but someone else came up with this design first and the authorities loved it. As soon as I saw this design, I pulled out of the design committee.

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I remember finding a website, which had the links to all the worst websites. And believe me, they were really bad.

I will try to find it again if it is still up.


I know it shouldn't be bothering me so much, but the link I posted earlier, (www.asusceo.in) really gets my blood boiling. I mean, how can someone actually put up a site like that? It's a shame what junk is allowed to pass as web sites these days.


Reading the website made my eyes hurt...the combination of colors has not been chosen too well.

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