This question is more of a marketing but would like some freindly advice if there's anyone out there. My self made Wordpress website is experiencing a constant growth to the point of bandwidth warnings from my server. Most of it is Polish, that's right as in Poland. Membership grows daily, and it appears to be traders in the financial sector discussing related matters. Everybody is gettin" a free ride now but it will eventually cost me more to maintain. How can I capitalize on this.

Start selling advertising :) The easiest way is to sign up with Google AdSense at

You just copy and paste a little snippet of HTML code onto your blog and you can instantly start showing targeted, language-specific ads.

Don't go crazy with advertising... i would suggest that you start with one or two advert sizes per page and see how it goes. Too much advertising will simply annoy your visitors.

AdSense actually has a three ads per page maximum, which is strongly encouraged to be used only for long pages. One or two ads per page is ideal.

Out of curiosity, are you using Google Analytics in order to track how much traffic exactly you are getting? "Bandwidth warnings from my server" might just mean a really poor hosting company.

Hey thanks for your reply, My server is dedicated and all traffic is monitored. I have limits to the bandwidth use, hence the warnings as the over-the-limit threshold is reached. I would think some ads would be appropriate in Polish, I'm just not sure how to approach this.

remember that Google analytics generates traffic/consumes bandwidth as well :) Plus many users (including me at home at least) have it blocked for privacy reasons.