I am a newbie i made many blogs having good quality content but my page impression were never crossed from 70. Please some one tell me one or two basic rules to generate a good traffic for my blog which really makes a huge difference

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But i never used .com domain

rules to generate a good traffic for my blog which really makes a huge difference

I think the most important thing is to develop content which your readers will find interesting and keep them interested. This generally results in your users sharing your content across social networks which inturn brings you additional traffic to your site.

You also need to get involved on other sites that compliment your site...without being spammy. That will also help drive interest.

.. and of course, you want to design your site to be SEO friendly so that the search engine spiders take in your content and your site will rank high in search engine results.

If you want to increase the traffic on your blog then doing work on below techniques.....
Blog commenting
blog directory submission
Submit your blog url in forums site.
When you doing question answering then post your blog url with in your answer.

But showing my blogg url in comment may cause to ban my account in forums. Am i right ? Guide me plz

Doing blog directory submission
Submit you blog url in Forum sites, yahoo answering, blog commenting, bookmarking. Moreover you also doing SMO for your blog.

Good and creative posts avoid duplicate content as well as face book, twitter, linkedin, google plus and pinenterst are also important for increase traffic. Off page seo activities are also important.

its depend on your mind and techniques
do have a bussiness mind?

i ve given you one idea

step 1: choose an classified sites like quikr,olx,jd
step2 : post an ad as a job b coz many students find it
step3 : post as asp.net developer and create an html link not yyour blog address
step4 : share it

if u like follow mesidhrajinfo FBi will give u more idea

Hello, generate a good trafiic for blog tips are bellow:
Target Your Content to an Audience Likely to Share
Make Your Blog's Content SEO-Friendly
Use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to Share Your Posts & Find New Connections

.com domain helps more though you can take help of social sharing.

Submit your site more social site and forum posting and increase your site.

Try to submit your blog in many blog directories. you can also submit the RSS feed. this will help you you to get the maximum traffic for your website.

i have share good traffic generate rules so that:
-Write content worth sharing
-Get your own domain name
-Include your blog address everywhere
-Make it easy to subscribe to your blog
-Optimize your posts for SEO
-Comment on other blogs
-Write guest posts for other bloggers

Hello Everyone,

I am getting very good traffic on my blog. I follow these techniques to my blog

1) Blog Meta title should be keyword oriented
2) Blog Meta description should be related to Meta title
3) In content title one time keyword put in
4) Content should be 500 words
5) In content two times keyword repetition
6) After publishing your blog post copy your blog URL. Do some social bookmarking in High page rank sites.
7) Make some followers to your blogs
8) Post contents frequently on your blog

submit your blog to high pr bloging sites like blogger and huffington post.

You might have to optimize your blog so that it can be found on search engines. You can do so by using SEO techniques to optimize your site and making sure that the content you are posting is relevant to the keyword that you would like to rank. Adding video and photos is another great way to improve site ranking. Lastly, the frequency of your posts can play a big role in your site's traffic as well. The more frequently you post to your blog, the better it looks to search engines because they see that content is being updated regularly. Good luck!

I am totally agree with JorgeM that you should blog with fresh content that users are interested to read and moreover you should make an SEo friendly blog so that it can easily index in Search engines. Updating good and interesting content regularly makes a trust on users and also incareses your web page authoruty, this will automatically incarese your website worth that will help you to know how much is dollar value of your website.

Updating your blog with unique fresh content is a legitimate way to obtain good traffic for your website.

Blog is a good way to generate traffic, you just need to concentrate on the trend, you need to be more specific on the recent trend going on.

Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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